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Grim Meathook + Spime = Future

July 23, 2013

The Grim Meathook Future Theory – Things will only get worse and bloodier for the poor. Power will ascend and those without will only suffer. Geography and countries will weaken. Example being: Hurricane Katrina kills hundreds and America, the most powerful country on Earth, does nothing for weeks, as those affected as economically irrelevant. Logical conclusion: I dunno, blade runner? children of men?

Spime – Posits that information will become so widespread that everything will be recorded in one way or another. Every corner of the real will become like an recorded bit of the internet. Logical conclusion: a billion cameras recording all life, non-indexed, all life is fleeting, but syndicated.


Both of these theories came to me from Warren Ellis, whether paraphrased from William Gibson or adapted from somewhere else. They’re old thought now, spime especially never seemed to be grabbed hold by any collective.

But I think they’re both right, in some way. The Future will be about addition rather than deletion. A billion cameras on the Earth will be the Spime world. A CCTV world, almost. Or a photojournalist world where any of the billion cameras that we all carry around with us will be used to capture and editorialize everything in the grim meathook reality.

Every tragedy can be experienced and exploited by anyone across the world. Every death can be tapped into. Right now corporate news structure in the world is streaming theories of the Royal Bastard’s name and every alternative press scene is fighting with the realities of the day, whether it be the number of British children born into poverty every day, or the children all over the world born into poverty.

The fact of the matter is, the spime of technology is the wealth of information. And the information will be plentiful and recorded and the future will be recorded. And it will be disseminated. It will not be pretty. Twitter tells me there’s been a massive prison break with guards dead in Afghanistan, there was another bombing in Iraq and cell phone pictures are coming out of molotov cocktails being used on riot police in Brazil.

The Future will be Grim, but the format will be Spime.

It will get harder to ignore the reality of the future because there will be more reality and it will be everywhere.

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