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Inglorious Five Year Plan – The Bucket List

July 22, 2013

Good evening,

It’s been a fuck of a year. Depression. Pneumonia. Moving. Near madness. There and back again.

I kept insisting that I would to have some kind of formal launch to the next phase of my life in the way that I had a concrete start to the Glorious Five Year Plan. But I keep forgetting that I didn’t have a formal launch. I had no balloons, I had no marker, I just decided that day would be the day I needed to change my life and started counting after that. That was June 13, 2007. It was a fine day.

The Glorious Five Year Plan was about order, in many ways. I live thematically and made things work in every way possible. I steered myself in one specific direction and lived some along the way.

Now, I have a job in the industry I want to be in. I’m okay for money for a little while. I have a great apartment, a good roommate and freedom to do what I see fit.

When my life was in order, like a chess board, I stopped playing with it. I had nothing to do but dust it occasionally. Occasionally, I’d improve it by upgrading a piece and, I guess, imagining what another piece would look like with wifi in the future, I guess.

I found order and now all I want is chaos.

The Inglorious Five Year Plan is based around one thing: The Bucket List. About going crazy and doing things I’ve never done before and learning how to pretend to be a real person, like everyone else.

So let’s go crazy and see what happens.

– Tim

July 22, 2013

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