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The Inglorious Five Year Plan

August 1, 2012
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Good Evening.

My name is Timothy Legion and this is my blog. I have been on vacation from the blog over the last six weeks after the completion of the Glorious Five Year Plan, my attempt at long term self-improvement taking place between June 13, 2007 and June 13, 2012. The Glorious Five Year Plan took me out of debt, across the world and into a new industry, with new skills and a new position and place in my life. Now I’m regularly employed in Canadian Television, in a position that I like with people I like and they occasionally send me around the country. It’s a luxury that I do not take for granted.

The Glorious Five Year Plan was a very public affair for one purpose: fear of public failure and shame. Had I not trumpeted it to everyone I know and most people I met for more than five minutes and kept it to myself, it would have fallen aside. Had I not posted it on my wall and slept beneath it every night, it would have been forgotten. Had I not insisted on doing everything short of tattooing it on my forearms, knuckles and eyelids, it wouldn’t have mattered.

And now it’s over.

So I took a few weeks off to float for a bit – get used to my job, pack away a few movies and deal with some family crises, and now I’m ready to get back.

As of today, August 1, 2012, I’m starting the next chapter of my life: THE INGLORIOUS FIVE YEAR PLAN, which begins with YEAR ONE – SUPERSATURATION.

SUPERSATURATION is about overwhelming myself with information, constant output and the development of skills and blind dedication to labour. It is about recognizing, for the first time, I no longer have the luxury of ignorance. I do not have permission to not know how things work anymore. Nor do I have the luxury of apathy.

There is only place for ambition, aggression and self-loathing spite. Anything that can drive me forward and help me learn about what I’m doing, how to do it and why to do it better.

There is only forward. There is no permission, there is only movement. There is no destination, there is only the trip.

It’s time to fucking move.


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