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Week 48

May 14, 2012


Keeping busy, keeping on clock, keeping on a schedule. These have been the last three weeks that I should have spent in a basement, under a tarp, surviving on peels, rinds and sugary water, (as writers do) but I keep getting out and seeing and doing and living or working like a damn fool.

Like, last week, I took a job that required too much last minute prep, too many phone calls, to much borrowed car and begging for time and last minute changes and way too much equipment. But the good news is that I will be appearing on EXTREME TOURS on the Travel Channel in the States, as I did the CN TOWER EDGEWALK for them. They couldn’t trust a stranger to stick a camera on a helmet and not curse, so they trusted me to do it.

I have no idea when this will be on the air. All I can say is that you should buy the channel, switch to it and then wait. Eventually you’ll see me looking like a dick in a helmet on THE AMERIKAN TEEVEE.


Haven’t the time! Been reading Charlie Brooker’s SCREEN BURN, which is fucking hilarious. The host/actor references are often lost on me, but Charlie’s viciously hilarious essays transcend regionalism. They also led me to Charlie’s SO WRONG IT’S RIGHT panel show on BBC radio, some time ago. Again, participants were often without reference for me, but the show was hilarious – whether through the shameful stories of horrible happenstance or Ian Morris admitting that the “skidding” incident from the Inbetweeners was a story straight out of his life.

I’ve also been reading a pile of scripts – Justified, Deadwood, The Wire and Breaking Bad – all with a unique flair. The Wire and Deadwood are dense, Breaking Bad employs less dialogue than I thought, and Justified is so smooth in it’s twang.

I’m also planning to sift through Martin McDonaugh’s plays again when my deadline has come and gone.


I’m eating JUSTIFIED Season 2 as quick as I can. I do love that show and seeing how the format dances between a procedural and the long form storytelling is impressive, even if the procedural elements tend to give way by episode 8 of each season.

I also saw the AVENGERS twice in theaters on opening day in less than 12 hours. It’s the greatest super hero movie of all time. Stellar dialogue, amazing action and so much fucking fun. It’s amazing that the movie got made, but that it got made THIS WELL is an amazing gift. Anyone that disagrees has no joy in their lives or is generally incorrect.

I’ll discuss the HITCHCOCK MASTER CLASSES WITH GUILLERMO DEL TORO after my deadline as well. They’ve been great fun.


I’m approaching DRAFT ONE of WHISKEYTOWN, which must be completed by Friday. The trick this year is that I have less time to complete it, and I am forcing myself to sleep to avoid the energy sucking illness that nearly brought me under last time. Last year, immediately after the deadline, I woke up in complete darkness to a knock at my front door, with no memory of how I got up the stairs and ended up in my own bed.

Everything else is on hold. This script will be defeated. Then, sleep for two days, maybe watching THE STORY OF FILM by Mark Cousins. Wait for Prometheus. See the Avengers again, something.

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