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Words in My Mouth

May 2, 2012

One of the most recurring aspects of the age of information, unlike to previous generations, is the immediate reward associated with recognition. You have a more satisfying experience if you know more on a subject, or recognize all the background elements to create a larger picture. Content now have the opportunity to tap into a larger canvas or will spawn a new subject through the subtraction of elements. Memes are extracted from a whole and may live a life referencing references while being a reference to themselves. Industry will be a combination of an infinite number of architects with an infinite number of projects published from an infinite number of locations across the planet. Media is created by teams of people who each know what the other is capable of, and understand their limitations, stretching to create a flat product, and then manipulating it to fit into the tapestry of time, or an audience’s limitations on the internet.

To break it down further, in the age of information, moreso than any age to follow:


That is all.

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  1. j3ssi33ss3x permalink
    May 2, 2012 8:36 PM

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  2. j3ssi33ss3x permalink
    May 3, 2012 10:50 AM

    While I agree with this post to some degree, I have to add my own words…
    First of all, art, creativity and expression are subjective things. What one person finds to be “good art” another may find “genius”. So it is not about creating the most pioneering imagery for everyone all of the time. Maybe for some people it’s about the process of creating and it doesn’t matter how well their name is known in the “industry”. Creating a name for yourself is not crucial to the creation.
    Second, to say that “media” knows the limitations of what everyone can do is mathmatically incorrect. There are only self imposed limitations. Therefore nothing is flat, because things will be ever changing and evolving. After the lightbulb was created we didn’t stop utilizing the sun, we will always be able to create and as long as we can then there will always be room for advancement, more dimensions to our creativity.
    Third, I don’t think it is important to know all things about every aspect of your medium. Let’s say you are a fantastic watercolor painter, do you “need” to know “everything” about every shade of color, every pigment, every type of paper, every ink, every line quality or every aspect of your subject matter? Never. No. Absolutely not. As an artist, there is something that is called inspiration and this is something that can never be known because it is original in every one of us.
    Timothy, I hope you do not use “lack of knowledge as an excuse not to bother producing works, because that is fear holding you back. I’m sure with a simple pencil anvpaper you can make something very beautiful or ugly, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you do something. Or don’t bother advising people to KNOW everything because that is negative, elitist and snobby sounding and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to put that energy out across the entire Internet as your message to all artists. You might be insulting someone you admire, are inspired by or someone who is fragile and talented but doesn’t have access to all of the information that is available because they are either physically unable or otherwise lacking ability to understand.
    I’m just saying.

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