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Week 46

April 29, 2012

Skipped last week due to exhaustion from Toronto Film Challenge and the day of my birth shortly following. The short was alright – lessons learned, fun was had. Birthday was okay too – saw a swan attack a goose.

And now I have a total of 18 days to get two scripts together for the CFC application. Well, fuck.


CHARLIE BROOKER’S SCREEN BURN is amazing. A collection of this TV reviews from 2000-2004, it’s a look into the horrible recent history of British television and the deepening fury of a sardonic, clever and witty man. I keep laughing myself stupid as he uncovers yet another horrible truth about the onset of reality television. We always tend to believe that things are worse now that ever, but jesus, if the trend of reality TV started in the early 2000s, then Britain sank lower and faster into de-evolving filth faster than we could ever get them credit. Highlights so far include the review of TOUCH A TRUCK, a show where contestants stand in a parking lot touching a truck and the person who staves off hunger, exhaustion and hallucinations long enough (contest lasted 7 days) won the truck. A contestant included a homeless person who planned to stay away by singing Elvis songs inside his head.

Also meandered to the halfway mark in POPULAR HITS OF THE SHOWRA ERA. There’s something very particular about how the Japanese seem to have a modern problem with socializing problem. All of the characters in the book are friends with their friends because they happen to be friends. They get together out of habit, rather than pleasure. The turn to a guerrilla turf murder war between the two groups is quick and natural and drunk and perverted.


I apparently took it upon myself to re-watch ALIEN and ALIENS and that seemed to be about it this week.

LOCKOUT was garbage, CABIN IN THE WOODS was not. Trying to pick the right time to see BULLY in order to not depress myself at the wrong time.


CFC scripts are coming to a head. I’ll have a few sloppy drafts in the next 10 days and my daily warm-up additions to the book.

Speaking of which, I should be getting to that presently.

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