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Week 44

April 17, 2012

Nothing this week.

TO Film Challenge this weekend, two scripts due next month and rapidly approaching is the end of the Glorious Five Year Plan.

I’m waiting until the scripts are out to really start fretting about what’s next. I’ve got ideas, but I’ve also got to figure out how to pursue the TOME and a few of my stranger ideas.

Even the names could be a month long challenge, as was creating the sub-headings for the Glorious Five Year Plan took me almost two months to figure out, after the initial FUCK MY BODY (Year 1) and ASSHOLE INTERNATIONAL (Year 2). Not the cleverest titles in the world, sure, but apt. And clear and direct in such a way that they are absolutely in no way clear or direct.

The trick to creating a list of achievable goals is to make it so specific that it’s open-ended. And I’m definitely exploring that more in the next round.

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