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Week 39

March 12, 2012

Rather than outlining my accomplishments for the week, I’d like to instead take the time to outline where my head is and what I’m thinking about in absolutely no cohesive or logical way.




I’ve become increasingly fascinated by Discovery Channel in HD. The nature shows, of course, are gorgeous and can be gazed upon for hours on end, but the tech and travel shows are where I keep finding myself sitting down for a bit. Not just because I have a healthy interest in how they shoot the damn things (I feel like I’m getting more and more able to discern who’s shooting on a 7D, who’s on a red and who’s editing in Final Cut – you can tell by the font), but the aesthetics as well. More documentarians are shooting like Wes Anderson, more are hovering their text, some are cutting away less, some are cutting away more. And I’m fascinated by the results. How the host stands, who the host is exactly, and other things.

You know a show that cuts away less, or shows no time lapses was shooting on the fly – more common with a 7D show than you’d think. The younger the shooters, the less they shoot, feels like the trend. Or maybe it’s just a stable hand on the directing side that feels more comfortable doing what they’re doing.

Either way, aside from often sitting back and wondering how the fuck you schedule/coordinate a wildlife documentary shoot, these shows are making me think more technically than the dramas or the comedies. It’s closer to architecture.

Mind you, I choose to think about architecture in two ways. One way is the designing of building (not my business) and the other being the creative construction of a process or system (my business). In my head you need to understand architecture to put together a team, a project, a product or a show. You have to acknowledge that whatever your project is, you can and probably should think of it as being a table with four legs to support the final product. Physicality, Economics, Technique and Art are all needed to support a product.

Yes, I am at the stage where I am just appropriating words for my own purposes.

If we’re looking to take anything away from this, it’s that you can learn more about technique from television documentaries than watching every cop show on the air.




It could be years before I wrap my head around this concept completely, but the always intelligent Matt Webb, CEO of BERG, posted something (right here) that has tickled the recesses of my brain.

A product is a product because it is designed to be a product and must reach the following benchmarks:
– products must be shelf-demonstrable
– a good product is explainable in one sentence
– a product knows its audience
– products are measurable
– a product is predictable

All of which seems to fly in the face of “art” or “ARRRT,” but it shouldn’t. It explains 95% of television programming, media and toys (notice how it doesn’t mention the sustainability of said products).




I want to finish writing this fucking book because all I can think of is how I want to package and start the next one.


If I wasn’t so afraid of scars I’d be burning myself with matches to catch up to my goddamn word count. Or just get up on fucking time. I am nothing without a schedule.




This is the fucking future.

Soon, these will have cameras. They will be silent. They will be able to carry weight much greater than their own mass. They will be the size of helicopters. They will be the size of marbles. They will be able to document movement, construction and media wirelessly from anywhere in the world. They will move independently of the hive and be able to make decisions upon priority targets.

Arguably, the applications seem strictly military/surveillance, but there are also civilian applications strictly in the information/media sector.

The future is drones. We just thought the spiders would come first.



Yes, I am mad that WordPress is auto-formatting my blogs to remove indentation, spaces and ignoring size changes and font changes, but bear with me, I’ll figure it out eventually.

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