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Week 38

March 6, 2012

It’s always tempting to look into the future and fantasize. Even if you’re planning for the future, by mindlessly setting goals and deadlines, there is the temptation to daydream about the end of the journey rather than take the few steps in front of you.

“Journey,” if you’re not aware, is a “goal” buzzword for hippies who want to write books in which they pretend they are not the main character.


I’m back, after a bit of a protracted silence where I got a few things done and got myself in order to move into March. My Battle Plan is organized and some deadlines are near. I realized that I have about 10 weeks to write two scripts and I’m finally starting to get moving on them. There’s also CANADA, EXPATRIATES, some Animation projects I want to move on, helping JD with his Fringe Show, a possible podcast and making the time to read and watch movies. Also, to just use RDIO like I should be using it – to find new things. Which doesn’t explain why I’ve listened to “Q. Are we not men? A. We are Devo” by Devo on a loop for a few days (the best part is that it’s the 2009 Special release, which includes the remastered album and then a live performance of the exact album in order, so I’ve been listening to the same album, twice, on a loop).

So! Much to be said or done? Maybe.


I finished OUTLIERS by Malcolm Gladwell last night when I couldn’t sleep. Those unfamiliar should know that this is the origin of the 10,000 hours to mastery rule, where Gladwell compares Bill Gates to the Beatles and Canadian Junior League Hockey Teams. It was an enriching read, really, letting you think about things differently. I certainly hope a few of the ideas do stick out and that I hit my 10,000 hours sooner than later.

I also finished the most recently made available/published play by Martin McDonagh, A BEHANDING IN SPOKANE, which is fun as always. It was most interesting because in the printing it says that the lead, a one handed revenge machine, was played by Christopher Walken and the second billed actor was Sam Rockwell, as the overzealous idiot asshole desk clerk. I’m sure Rockwell did something interesting with the role, but Walken would have definitely been a sight to see.

I also finished something else. Wozzit. I put it down somewhere. Ah fuck it. Moving on.


I’ve been watching HOMELAND, which is very good. It’s based on an Israeli series of a different name, which is just reaffirming my belief that to reinvent television wholesale in North America we must look overseas, starting with Britain and moving to other places. Chris Liley’s on HBO now, same as Gervais. Our game shows are usually all started somewhere else and a lot of reality comes out of Britain (Undercover Boss, as an example, was originally a British show).

It got me thinking that I’ve never seen a French series, but the Norwegians are being remade left and right now. Add that to the fact that Dreamworks opened a satellite studio in China and there is massive pressure to force China’s television ways to open up to our entertainment market, and we’re starting to really think internationally.

Of course, the reason to open up China’s entertainment market is not just because it’s a billion person market, but that overwhelming their market with market is a form of colonization of ideas. We get their market, they start seeing us and hearing us more and more, and the opinion just becomes better. I’m sure Jerry Bruckheimer would love to burn their libraries to the ground and double the number of CSIs on per week, but it’s a slow process, damnit.

Back to fun! The Walking Dead either maintains or jumps to greater heights per episode. I have also found that I have access to Discovery World in HD and have, like never before, been able to just sit down in front of the television and watch an hour long documentary about the south pacific sea. In HD. Glorious HD.


Drama vs Sitcom vs Short vs Sketch vs Reality vs Podcast vs Book vs Editing are really getting in the way of me looking harder to find a job. Not even anything regular, I just want to work a certain number of days per month. I work better when I’m tight on schedule and time. I work best when there’s deadlines and I have places to go. I work well when I can go to work for 8-10 hours and then come home and process some things.

I’m re-processing my sleep patterns as well, trying to cut back on the unnecessary glut of non-REM sleep as a first step towards starting to regard my body not as a temple, but a very bizarre science experiment with robotic needs.

RAGNAROK practically demands experimentation.

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