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Week 35

February 15, 2012

Mulling over opening project specific Tumblrs, where I post pictures, references and excerpts of journalism/research in short hand in order to create non physical journal. The benefit is to create something that is easily re-visitable without cost or hinderance, the problem is being unable to put up ideas or filters, because who knows who could access it or for what means. And also to make sure that there is some deniability.

One of the goals for the next part of my life is to make a visual journal and collect the memories that way, rather than just collecting piles of digital images and word documents that I don’t sort through particularly often. This too fits into my usual idea space occupied by using Magcloud or some of the other newspaper POD sites that are out there.

If it’s all a way to catalogue and make an object out of the day to day, rather than just sitting around and wondering where all the time goes.

If I made one of those right now, there’d be a depressing amount of ticket stubs.


I finally chipped through STANLEY KUBRICK’S NAPOLEON, which, as a vision into Kubrick’s mind, is amazing. I tried to treat it, not as a vision of what the movie could have been, but as a way into Kubrick’s head. The meticulous research, the passionate attention to the man. It’s stunning, really. Also, I like the idea of few dudes with mustaches coming up to Kubrick’s house and trying on different coloured outfits for a photographer for ten hours and then being shuttled away. The ad must have read something like: “MODEL WITH MUSTACHE WANTED, MUST BE ABLE TO WORK WITH OVERBEARING DIRECTOR. PAUNCHY BLOKES WELCOME.”


The TIFF Lightbox has been playing the Oscar Nominated shorts (Live Action and Animated) for a few days and might continue to do so until Oscar Night. I’ve made my picks for the winners, but my favourite was Tuba Atlantic, a Norwegian Live Action about a man with six days to live trying to reconnect with his brother via enormous tuba which he believes has the power to blow loud enough to reach New Jersey. To help him is a pretty blonde representative of the JESUS KLUBBEN (club) and ANGEL OF DEATH sent to comfort him in his last days. Together, they use a mini-gun to shoot seagulls.

It’s either the mini-gun or the JESUS KLUBBEN button she wears that warmed me up to the short. Probably JESUS KLUBBEN.

I re-watched the contemporary Bond series (Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace) and still love both. Casino Royale is the better movie and is more complex because there’s always more at stake, but Quantum holds up as a story-sequel. I LIKE that there’s an organization out there for Bond and Mi6 to go up against. I like that corruption is corporate and money and connection based rather than simply collaborating (ie. you can’t shoot it in the head). I like Mr. White. I like that the story builds and continues, even if it sidesteps itself to pursue a lead.

People talked shit about Greene’s “evil plot” being to steal water, but Le Chiffre’s plot was to short a product’s release (big plane!) on the stock market, and when that fucked up, gamble. His evil plot that Bond had to stop gambling.

I will not be taking additional opinions on the subject.

Also? Chronicle was great. There’s some things that you just have to live with, but the fight is natural, the effects are smooth and the characters are believable. It’s further evidence that we don’t need an American Akira, we could just do something like this.


Cartoons in the morning, comedy in the afternoon, drama in the evening. Somedays it works, some days it doesn’t. Also, my mornings apparently end at about 2 and my afternoons at about 9.

I’m starting to get, at least mental, progress on WHISKEYTOWN, which is so goddamn good right now. It needed it. Lofty goals were laid out at the beginning of the month, and it’s good to start turning something over for this particular script. The turning point might’ve been realizing that I’m never going to shoot the damn thing, so I can make it fucking crazy. I can have a rocket launcher and a bear attack.

In the spirit of secrets, I’ve also decided on a location that no one has ever done before. The area I’m looking at right now has not only never been broached in drama, but it’s also an area that gets a LOT of attention in the news, but NEVER for the cities, or the people, or anyone of that ilk. Ever.

And no, it’s not the future, the past, or a suburb.

Away we go.

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