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Week 33

February 2, 2012

Oh good, another week where I can read the blogs of design companies and just drift off into space for a couple of hours as if I’m learning something new or thinking about something new. There’s new physical products every day. Kickstarter is churning out fascinating works but always works better if you’re producing something directed to a market, or carrying an established audience. The Cloud is becoming mist. Tech is becoming cheap and available and more people are shooting shit and making shit and recording shit. The first industry to get hacked with a knife is the music industry and we’ve been watching it’s decline like the Fall of the Roman Empire for thirteen years. THIRTEEN YEARS. That means children who never thought of the album as more than a collection HAVE CELL PHONES AND ARE NEARLY READY TO FUCK EACH OTHER.

The future is catching up to the mediocre. I read about the future every day now and nobody is saying anything we don’t know. I enjoyed the PRESS PAUSE PLAY doc, but it should have been made five years ago. The only reason it reads as natural and the audience has opened up to it so dramatically is because the “generation” as it were has been acclimated the results. So let’s make some general statements to simplify things from now on.


1) Musicians will be forced to return to a performance based economy to make significant returns. Shows will become bigger and less logical. Burlesque will make a larger comeback and there will be a hint of Vaudeville in more and more in the sense that video, audio and performance will become mainstays. Labels will become distributors and agents, rather than marketers, and the greatest feat will be the individual subscription service.

2) Everyone can be a film maker. Not everyone should be, but everyone can be. The good will stand out, the bad will not. Short films will become single purpose, representing a specific talent or tint to draw interest. The animator who made Tin Tin credits on Vimeo got work. The guys who made that movie about the special effect/genre button (I don’t remember what it’s called) got special effects work. There’s more shorts coming out of animation schools than film schools for a reason. Everyone in animation has a style or a format. Film not so much. Short Films will become more like music videos.

3) Genre will become increasingly irrelevant, as genre becomes the only way to market something. Sub-genres will come and go, week in and week out.

4) Nothing lasts forever when everything is Forever.

5) Ireland persists.


Finished CHILD OF GOD by Cormac McCarthy. Kick in the paunch, it was.

More came, can’t be bothered to turn around and look through it right now. The Onion books and other things.

Also, if anyone can explain to me why reading Malcolm Gladwell makes me want to punch Malcolm Gladwell for using, what I can only describe as the opposite of an economy of words, I will patiently listen.


Academy Award nominations came out. Another shitty year it seems. I spent some time in the Animated Feature category this week with KUNG FU PANDA 2 and RANGO. My money’s on Rango for more detailed and complex art (and for not being a sequel), but Kung Fu Panda 2 did feature two strong styles at different times, so we’ll see.

Saw WAR HORSE. The joke is I would have preferred to see HORSE WAR stands.

I just sat through 12 episodes of COMMUNITY, 10 episodes of ADVENTURE TIME, FIREFLY in entirety and FAWLTY TOWERS to the same.

There was a lot of good stuff in THE GREY but they based the entire marketing and trailer on a lie and so no one will be happy with it for a while.

I’ve also listened to something like 30 episodes of the THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR, which is marvelous.



Not a big one for that.




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