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Week 32

January 23, 2012

I have been trying to do that combination of relaxing and working to create an atmosphere of creative intake as well as output. You know, like a writer. So far, this means I have the iPod on me at all times to tell me not only what time it is and what my objectives for the day are, but also what day it is and what the hell I’ve been doing since I woke up.

I don’t understand how farmers can keep their crop rotation in their heads. If I left the house with empty pockets I’d be convincing myself it doesn’t matter what day it is by the end of the first block, because I probably left myself with enough time to get somewhere because I’m usually pretty good at that for me, right? Wait, did I lock the front door?

All of which was happening while the MegaUpload “compound” (rented mansion) was being stormed by police in New Zealand. Police found the owner in a panic room (protected by “technical looking things”) with a shotgun and seized his 20 cars on the way out.



I re-read Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev’s run on Daredevil, as it always was definitely something that brought me back into comics full-time. If I remembered the order, it was something like Ultimate Spider-Man for free on the web and the introduction of trades into book stores. I wouldn’t be able to track what came first, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Sin City, but it did all start somewhere around there. I remember buying an issue for a quarter and furiously going back and finding what I was missing. Flipping through them all, god, those covers… I love comics.

I’ve also been reading CHILD OF GOD by Cormac McCarthy, which leaves a filthy taste in my mouth.

I’ve also taken to FILM CRIT HULK’s column on Badass Digest, which I sincerely hope he releases in POD form. The information on screenwriting and the myth of the three act structure and acting all deserve to be collected somewhere, not because it’s original, but because it’s fresh, well conceived and well laid out. If you look at the screenwriting section of a book store, you won’t find an argument on the form, you’ll find McKee and you’ll find the three act structure. Writing books, like other self-help books, sell on simplicity, understandability and confidence building, rather than results. So the easier someone can break down something as “LOOK AT THIS SIMPLE SECRET INGREDIENT… IN THE BUSINESS WE CALL IT ACT TWO” the more it sells and the less research you have to do because if it sells well, it must be right, right? FILM CRIT HULK has none of that shit and it’s pleasant to read.


I watched eight episodes of FIREFLY today. I have no regrets on the subject.

I saw HAYWIRE in theaters on opening night and was treated to a full row of older women sitting behind me. One shifted her foot and kicked my chair every five minutes. We would have moved, the theater was mostly empty otherwise, but they were of the kind of dunces that feel the need to speak every vacant thought they have in every wasted moment of their empty lives. And their gibberish was hilarious.

Golden lines included:
10 seconds into the first trailer: “Is this a trailer?” “What movie is this?”
20 seconds into the first trailer: “We need to see this!”
Right before final showdown, ten minutes after the reveal: “I think Kenneth is up to something.”
End of film: “Well that was two hours!” (It was an hour and a half.)

THE GUARD was great and reminded me a lot of IN BRUGES. Not just because I missed it in theaters because the trailer was mediocre. Not just because I think I saw something instead that I can’t even remember a single moment from (IN BRUGES was skipped in favour of THE BANK JOB, which all I can remember is that it featured Jason Statham and maybe a Bank). But MOSTLY because THE GUARD was written by John Michael McDonagh, brother of Martin McDonagh, who wrote IN BRUGES. Oh, and Martin exec produced it.

It’s definitely a first film, but it’s clear, the acting’s great and the language is fantastic. “Racist? I’m Irish. Racism is my culture.”

Fuck, what a family that is. Bloody Irish. How I adore it.


Back to London this week. Back to looking harder for work tomorrow. Not that I want to, but I need to.

I’ve been writing a lot of sketches for some reason lately. After finishing a ten-pack of CANADA – THE INSTRUCTIONAL SERIES sketches, I revisited Monty Python and the form and logic is so enticing it’s hard to not just do that for a little while. My biggest flaw is that I can never seem to write one sketch, I always seem to find a way to write or develop a series of them. Like yesterday I wrote the first in what could be a series titled GREAT MOMENTS IN SCIENCE, about Fessenden’s first radio broadcast. I can’t just create the small box and fold it up nice and tight. I always find a way to sprawl.

This helps when making new things, but not when you just want to write something and call it done. Why can’t I just write a simple parody of something I hate? Who fucking knows.

So I’m going to try some more with that this week. See if I can maintain steam.

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  1. Dillon permalink
    January 31, 2012 12:48 AM

    sounds great man. the writing that is. Don’t limit yourself or think that you have to write a certain way. I trust within your series the sketches are strong enough to stand alone, so be happy you just poop out good content! Send some my way. I’d love to read them.

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