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Week 30

January 10, 2012

I think it’s week 30. Anyway, LOOK AT WHAT I DID TO MYSELF.



I finished TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY. The densely logical and the unimpeachable George Smiley were a pleasure, but I’m definitely going to track down THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD before I attempt to move forward in the Karla Trilogy.

I also started INFINITE KUNG-FU and it’s easy to see why Kagan McLeoud was on the number of best of the year lists that he’s on.

I’ve also gotten back to chipping away at AND HERE’S THE KICKER: CONVERSATIONS WITH 21 TOP HUMOR WRITERS ON THEIR CRAFT by Mike Sacks. The anecdotes alone are gold. Dan Mazer recounts working with Sacha Baron Cohen, who didn’t wash the Borat suit in the six years he wore it and did not shower a day before the character interviewed someone.

Trying to branch out to something I wouldn’t normally expose myself to, I bought DONALD DUCK: LOST IN THE ANDES collection by Carl Banks. It’s been fun to read so far, with the art really being brought out by the new colours. A satisfying enough read that this year, where I will be thinking about comics a lot, that I am going to stray much farther away from the modern and the mainstream.


The new SHERLOCK series has been great so far. The first episode was a jump forward in directing and the second (again) a bit of a step back. The story wasn’t bad in the second and there were a lot of fine character moments, but there were a few shots that really got in the way.

KILL LIST started strong and fell apart. Don’t Wicker Man me, bro.

I also finished season 3 of THE LEAGUE, which I like. PORTLANDIA started to lose me by the end because it is, invariably, one topic. Whereas something like THE PETER SERAFINOWICZ SHOW which repeated characters and situations in sketches every episode maintained a vibrancy that I lost in PORTLANDIA very early on. THEN AGAIN, I also hate whiny and “entitled” characters, even when they’re being mocked. So that doesn’t help.

HEADHUNTERS was great. One specific story beat didn’t hold up very well, but a lot of the scenes, schemes, shots and beats were so mad it was as though they beamed directly from Hong Kong and filtered through Norway.

I’ve watched most everything released for Academy Consideration but that was LAST YEAR AND FUCK THAT IT IS DEAD NOW MOVE ON.


I have subscribed to Rdio and will subsequently begin listing names of new bands that I like with no context. Or I will make up bands because that is fun and I like to do that. Either way.

Mistery Heavenly – Honus Honus’ (from Man Man) other band, featuring an eclectic compilation of players, including Michael Cera playing bass at one point.
Black Keys – El Camino – is much better than I thought on my first listen.


I have finally cracked SUPER SCIENCE PLAYHOUSE as a cartoon. It has evolved to the point that I need to change the title and can’t come up with anything yet. Same with CUNNING BOY DETECTIVE ELI POPE. Cartoons. For Kids. Don’t need the word CUNNING BOY, nor should I use the name ELI POPE.

I’ve also mapped out my to do list into quarterly installments, with book and script segments outlined. I’m still piecing together and formatting everything that resulted from the 100 DAY MARCH, which was so disorganized I might as well have built my kingdom in cocktail napkins and the back of receipts.


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