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January 2, 2012

2010 was the Year of the Kraken. 2011 was the Year of the Beast. This year is RAGNAROK, the beginning of the end of the beginning. When Balder falls and Odin is remiss and Thor is felled killing the Serpent and Yggdrasil rebirths the world to decadence once more after everything’s fucked and no one knows what’s going on anymore and how to pronounce Yggdrasil.

A year of sarcastic and ironic reference to a  apocalypse deserves one man wearing a horned helmet holding an axe, which he gave a girl’s name to, against the wind and howling against the black, demanding the end take it’s best shot.

Fuck it. Live every year like it’s your last and make your mantra “How funny would it be if I died tomorrow?”

This year will be the best year I have ever lived. It will be my most prolific, my most organized and my most resilient and bizarre. I will learn new things, I will eat new foods, I won’t get ill and my every day will be maximized socially, economically, creatively and apocalyptically.

I will complete the EXPATS book. I will pitch four television shows. I will either get an agent or get into the CFC. I will write articles that will be published. I will write more and better scripts. I will figure out my scripting method of greatest result and least resistance.  I will create and release six episodes of anything in podcast form. I will experiment with production and editing. I will keep records and journals to keep me on topic and examine the media I intake and further learn how I actually do work in order to find my voice.

I will fight the Horde.

This isn’t calm and reasonable anymore. This is a declaration of war. This is the end of the world. Every day is the end of the fucking world. I’m tired of thinking about dying and am going to start acting as though I have a death wish.

Fuck anything that gets in my way.

It’s 2012. Computers are in our pockets and we use them to complain. We watch TV to see people go to work. We play video games to defy physics. We watch movies to see people believe themselves.

Fuck it. We’re all gonna die anyway. Let’s start today.


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