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Week 27

December 13, 2011


Christmas time is approaching, meaning everything I know is shutting down and dying. I might as well take a part time job scurrying through bars and clubs without coat check and looking for half drunk people dropping money while slipping their coats on. People aren’t used to the thick thermal after months away from it and so far I’ve a gross of twenty shameful dollars. I did try to chase the couple down, but I lost them very, very purposely.


I’ve began reading NORTHLANDERS again, which is a tremendously bizarre book by most standards. Not quite Anthology, but telling different stories per arc, per location and with some amazing artists. The stand-out issue, and one that Brian Wood uses in a lot of his work, is the essay in Issue 17, the Viking Art of Single Combat, which analyzes how Vikings would beat each other to death. It’s dramatic and informative and Vasilis Lolos makes it gorgeous. I really like this kind of ground-laying singles that Wood often uses (DMZ #12 comes to mind).

I’m slowly digesting TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY, which means I might not finish it before I’m in a position to see the movie. The book does not make any offerings of niceness or clarity to the reader, you’re just expected to get it or fuck off.


I watched HUNGER, which is Fassbender’s firsts outing with Steve McQueen. It’s an interesting movie with a startling mid-point, that is one fifteen minute long conversation without cuts, and then a five minute one with cuts. It was absolutely enthralling.

I have just finished MAD MEN season 4, which saw me shouting at the screen at few times. BREAKING BAD is the show that makes your heart skip, but MAD MEN makes you bleed. I’m going to dissect an episode later to see it’s guts and see what I can get from it.

I have also been picking at THE THICK OF IT and THE LEAGUE, which are great in different ways. THE LEAGUE is hilarious, but the story writing is often off the mark. THE THICK OF IT is all dialogue and you wouldn’t know if they didn’t hit their mark. It is a very, very weird show.

I have also downloaded the new Louis CK special, live at Beaton, which is for download at and costs five dollars. If I need to, I will go to everyone I know, door to door, and beat them with their keyboards until they understand. But at the moment, I’m too Christmasy and cheerful to leave the house unless I need to continue mulling over a shelving unit for the corner of my room.


The Hundred Day March continues. I PA’d on a show and it was immediately cancelled. Tomorrow I begin the last three shifts of the year, I think. And then we’ll see how depressed I get when I’m stuck inside for 3-4 weeks, waiting for work to come in. I might put up a pub budget, just to get myself out of the fucking house.

I’m making significant plans for 2012 as well, which naturally I’d prefer to be doing than everything else that I have to do because it’s far away and easy to set goals and not make any of them at all practical, but more lofty and conditional.

But then again, if I can compartmentalize and abandon and create a sense of dread so powerful it cannot be ignored, I am capable of great things in the year 2012, which will have an apt codename.

2011, the Year of the Beast has been an alright one. A lot of conditioning and growing comfort with the new status quo, working in TV and the like. And less people I know died compared to 2010, so already, that’s a step up.

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