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Week 26

December 6, 2011


The Hundred Day March moves into it’s final 25 days and work has moved to a stand still. There is only my personal work ahead for the month, minus Christmas, New Year and whatever else I get forced out of the house against my will to attend. (I’m looking at you, Tintin.)


BEGAN: TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY, which operates within the confines of its own language and never explains a word of it to you and for this, among other reasons, is great. Not only do I feel like I’m not being spoken down to, but you really get the sense that you’re sitting in on something genuine and if you were to ask “what does that mean?” or “what’s going on?” Smiley would put a finger to his mouth, shush and never address you again.

I also consumed all six volumes of AKIRA in six sittings. A stunning, masterful piece of work it is, with stunning line work, amazing city visuals and a determination to raise a psychic hell. I always thought that there could be plans to do the movie in a trilogy, but after seeing how they paced the comic vs. boiled everything down for the movie, they really did all that was needed to get that story across.


I have also re-watched AKIRA, which was gorgeous on Blu-Ray. Other than that my intake was low.

I didn’t enjoy HUGO, but I might be in the minority with that one. There were about 12 other people in the audience with me and an entire family with kids walked out at the hour mark, with the kids leading the way. At the end the remaining family gave it a standing ovation.


The Hundred Day March is coming to a close and I have a great deal of things to kick up in the next few weeks. So far, I’ve completed almost 90% of my research section, gotten up through the scribble phase of a great deal of my writing projects and finished the travel book, the Christmas card selection and packaged everything else that needs to be sorted for mailing. I’m nowhere near finished, but I haven’t felt like it’s been a time suck so far.

I’ve begun keeping regular pace with Expats and can start making a form of calendar and outline for a Comic Project that we might as well begin describing as commentary documentary.

Otherwise, I’ve had the urge to attempt to redefine how I work and how I function in my own creative environment. I’ve remodeled the office and moved it out of the basement (where the heat doesn’t reach), but there’s issues of input and that fear associated to working. There is a fear leftover from academia that I have to get over that demands that everything I do be great on the first time around, otherwise I didn’t do it right. There is an ability to lose a few hours not even thinking about something, but feeling guilty about watching a movie instead of looking for work. There is a concern that I’m not nothing right because I’m generating no attention.

I should be embracing the work, the form and the function and the pleasure that comes along with it. I do love writing, I like coming up with ideas and I like making things. There should be no fear attached to that anymore.

And in the last six months of this GLORIOUS FIVE YEAR PLAN, that is one of many things I intend to be working on.

So Onward! From mediocrity and to the burning of a thousand more victories!


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