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Week 22

November 10, 2011

This week I chased a 5 hour energy drink (WARNING: Contains chalk and caffeine) with a Red Bull (WARNING: Contains taurine, lightning and caffeine) to NO DISCERNIBLE AFFECT. I might have to take a month off or something, suffer the withdrawal to let my tolerance erode back to human levels. January, maybe. No one’s ever happy in January.


I have a bit to say this week on the subject of reading. I received THAT IS ALL by John Hodgman and continue slowly chewing through LIVE FROM NEW YORK.

I have also been reading THE NERDIST WAY, by Chris Hardwick which I’ve enjoyed thoroughly. I read 100 pages in a sitting and found it to be comforting, inspiring and practical. There are some things I’m glossing over, but a great deal of it is useful. It has already made me realize that I do let some things weigh on me just because I do believe that “maybe that’s the way things are supposed to be.”

For the first time in a long time, I realize that MAYBE, just MAYBE, my life does not require me beating the shit out of myself for things that I have zero control over when I could be burning with the light of a thousand suns. I MAYBE can feel pride or a sense of accomplishment for fucking once. I need a greater sense of humour about myself and my work and my social life rather than letting myself go to bed every night, only to sit there and process every single mistake I made that day.

I shouldn’t tie rocks to my ankles and wonder why it’s so hard to tread water.

The book brought me to download the productivity app, EPIC WIN, which is a schedule/productivity app that treats your life like an RPG. It gives you a character and lets you assign points to your schedule in order to achieve your goals and “level up.” The interface is simple, the app easy to work and well put together and I have been enjoying it thoroughly. I know that I have begun mentally transferring my “game thoughts” towards it because I’ve accessed the app about ten times today in the moments that I would otherwise has probably clicked on Tiny Tower or Angry Birds and stared at those for a few minutes.

I recognize that I am not a snowflake with these problems, but if this book goes any distance to helping me assuage my fear and guilt, then it is worth it’s weight in gold and I could not recommend it any more.


I am sort of in competition to finish DOCTOR WHO, Series 6 with a friend. I have one episode to go and hope that I can find the Christmas Special to stream live this year. Not much is happening this year for Christmas, so it might be nice to try to tap into as much Christmas stuff as possible.

I unabashedly love the WHO. And I can’t think of what else I’ve seen this week.


The 100 Year March is approaching the latter half and is starting to kick into high gear. I might have produced a three page document of “to dos” that exists primarily to check things off as “done” and “done.”

If the point of the 100 Day March is to put my projects together in a position that they can be put to use, intelligently, next year, then I might be off to a good start.

I have also written down several titles for next year, but I think it might just be RAGNAROK. This is the Year of the Beast after all, and last year was the Year of the KRAKEN. I thought that it would be funny if those two titles just rotated, year after year, until I eventually completely lost interest altogether. But if there is apocalyptic energy free floating next year, I might as well tap into it and shout to the great black ball of energy that threatens to destroy us all by smiting out the sun, as foretold by a civilization so advanced that they failed to predict Spaniards.

So it might as well be Ragnarok. The year of destruction and rebirth. The Year that everything catches fire (and turns to gold?) (and then explodes?)

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