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Week 21

November 1, 2011


I landed Wednesday, lovingly caressed by Air Canada from Central to West Coast and back again. I love Air Canada. They always turn on the entertainment system before takeoff.

Went to see Death from Above 1979 with some goddamn lepers, whose filthy insides threatened my ever fragile ecosystem of health and infected my insides for the weekend. So, warming back up again, we begin.


Confused Occupy Protester – wearing nice clothes and holding a sign that would undoubtedly include rotation posters, like OCCUPY MY PANTS and so such.

My costume next year will be NERD COP – A police uniform worn over an Spider-Man costume. Complete with thick glasses and a high pitched voice, the NERD COP will walk around parties and correct people until beat up in a high school parking lot.

MICHELLE BACHMANN’S HUSBAND – Simple, but complex costume. A male with lusty eyes carrying an paper bag overflowing with dildos. The challenge is finding an excessive amount of dildos.


I have just finished HABIBI, which is masterful and unique. A truly different kind of story that North American audiences are just not used to and should become more accustomed to. Thompson is really a marvelously interesting cartoonist whom I hope to not have to wait as long for his next project.

Also on the finished pile is Aaron Sorkin’s A FEW GOOD MEN, which I read in play form and is agonizingly good. How old was he when he wrote it? 23? God damnit.

I also plowed through Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s REC-OLLECTION, that I ordered and received and have adored so far. The size alone made me shift my Travel book to match it because the edition is just so appropriately sized for what it is.

Still processing the lessons from LIVE FROM NEW YORK – AN UNCENSORED HISTORY OF SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE as I hit the late 80’s in the book. And the lessons are many. For one, as early as the second and third season of the show, the people behind the scene were working to return the show to it’s “golden age,” which arguably never existed, or at least, was never considered to be or never enjoyed as such.


On the plane out, I watched X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, BEETLEJUICE and the pilot to LUTHER (BBC). On the plane back, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER and HARRY POTTER 7.2. Since then, I’ve happily finished JUSTIFIED season 2, and continued to catch up with PRIME SUSPECT (with new, awful title sequence), PERSON OF INTEREST, THE WALKING DEAD and finally sat down with CONAN O’BRIEN CAN’T STOP (which was great).


My travel book just came in at 70 pages, without pictures. So… half of that can go. Trying to smash through all of that before I move onto anything else. Then CANADA. Then MAGIC, which has crossed a threshold and can be processed, written and put to bed soon.

NANOWRIMO… No. Too much else to do.

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