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Week 19

October 17, 2011

I am resisting the urge to officially occupy my house, my clothes and my skin and keep on truckin’ in some other, less invasive way. Then again, I have lost a great number of tests of will before and this could be another. Case in point, I saw the new THE THING last week. Anyway.

I start another couple of days of work straight tomorrow, culminating an a very non-lucrative trip to Vancouver (or Canadian Hollywood, as they call it) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I have no idea where I’m going, why we’re shooting there, or why they need me, but I know that I am thankful for Ontario Tax Credits and the work that rain down upon me.

Raining, which is also a thing that will undoubtedly happen in Vancouver.


I have begun re-tackling the LIVE FROM NEW YORK – AN UNCENSORED HISTORY OF SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, which I put down after several hundred pages to do school work or something I think. SNL is always a point of contention for me. I’ve always found that SNL never deserves it’s accolades, but then again, it’s the only mainstream sketch show that people are generally aware of, which is the gap that it fills. Having listened to interviews on podcasts from hosts and cast past, it’s hard to not think of SNL as an abattoir of comedy, especially since so many of my comedy writer friends think it’s the promised land of comedy.

I’ve also begun adding to a small pile of travel reading, which will include the recent issues of both the MONOCLE and LAPHAMS QUARTERLY (The Future). Looking forward to broaching those when I’m get too bored to watch a movie on a plane.


The 100 Day March has forced me to let some shows stockpile for later, bulk consumption, so actual TV consumption was relatively lower than usual. I did see another PRIME SUSPECT, PERSON OF INTEREST, THE THING (2011), MONSTER HOUSE, and I’m slowly edging further into JUSTIFIED. I also caught the WALKING DEAD and the TALKING DEAD, both of which were great.

The WALKING DEAD is back on a track that I am convinced it was not previously on and had, not only their strongest viewership ever, but also their strongest episode so far. The TALKING DEAD hosted by Chris Hardwick was the more interesting talking point because I’ve never seen anything like it. A show about a show that we just saw (I’ve never watched a DR WHO CONFIDENTIAL). I am a fan of Hardwick and the Nerdist Podcast. And having just seen the NERDIST pilot, I can safely say that Chris Hardwick needs an hour show. Twenty two minutes is too short if you’re going to burden him with segments or audience participation. When you watch the “interview” with Patton and James, it’s like Chris is extracting a sentence so he can take it and run back to camera 2 and announce the next segment. Let it breathe. Let it be about more than just the show and maybe about zombies, horror and culture. Invariably, it’s about the Walking Dead, sure, and AMC doesn’t need to give away time to someone talking about something else. But to attract the nice horror-head, you have to give them a bit of time to look at a topic and offer something rather than take a call or shout about Twitter. Patton and James touched on a real plot point for the show and the comics when they mentioned the fluids and the topic went nowhere.

Let Chris breathe and this will be a more valuable watching experience.

That said, I’m usually against ANY and ALL audience interaction with the television, but the viewer vote that registered as 99.9% for LEAVE THE KID BEHIND, was amazing.


I had a surge for a large card on my wall that I hadn’t thought about in a while and have written and formatted about 8 episodes of what I am referring to as CANADA – THE INSTRUCTIONAL FILM SERIES.

I am hopelessly and shamelessly in love with HOW TOs as vehicles for jokes, I more than acknowledge that. They’re not perfect, but they make me laugh and the outcome can be fun, so I like them. But I did a bunch of them and I want to get them together just to have, in case I can find somewhere to put them.

Everything else is beginning to progress better, now that I’ve really hunkered down and made some things easier on myself. But things are moving and things are moving well. I expect to have a new hour script by mid-november along with the bulk of the CANADA – TIFS, ready as first drafts.


I don’t know if any of this happened to be constructive or positive, the way that I like things to be, and if so, when I return in 2 weeks it will resume that steam through all available means.


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