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Week 18

October 11, 2011

Rejoice in the burning flesh that keeps you alive! Scream to the moon that dares you to kill yourself every night! Beloved is every day that you are not choking!

The shifting barometer is still making me feel like I’m getting beat up every morning, but I am still alive, damnit.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Have consumed MASTER OF THE FLYING GUILLOTENE, MILLER’S CROSSING, THE USUAL SUSPECTS and KILLER ELITE. I would highly recommend all except for KILLER ELITE, which abandons logic in practically every scene in a manner so callous in it’s disregard that it’s borderline offensive to watch. And I love Statham.

Considering seeing the IDES OF MARCH tonight, but probably should just work instead.

I’ve also been keeping up with PRIME SUSPECT, which is still the strongest show leading the fall premiers. It’s cop vs. cop in a new and interesting way that shines in the second episode and gets a bit bogged down in the third, when we’re introduced to attractive lady cop #2 and forget about her in the fourth act. But the characters are all strong and the jokes are funny and well placed. It’s gained strength where other shows started circling the drain.

BREAKING BAD season 4 ended, as with previous seasons, 2 episodes after what could have been the season finale, but lead into an equally explosive and legitimately surprising end to the season. It’s absolutely the best show on television and continues to be.

Finished DOCTOR WHO series 5. Have now seen the often referred to Fez. Understand now, yes.


I am sitting on the edge of ELEPHANT BUCKS, HABIBI and THE RIGHT STUFF, but just received I’M DYING UP HERE which I’ve placed on top of my very precarious pile of things to ingest.


On task. More to come.

80 something days left in the 100 Day March and I’ve already begun thinking way too hard about January first. So it goes.

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