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Week 13

September 5, 2011

I’m officially off the radar for the next 8 days. I come back to life on the 14th, and I’m out of town the 14th examining the logistics of a travel show.

In other news, I get to drive a car onto a boat tonight to pick up people from an airport I didn’t know existed! In this situation, we are replacing trains with boats and automobiles with minivans and planes with disinterested french execs who won’t want to listen to anything I pay in the car stereo.

I am excited for work.


I finished 20TH CENTURY BOYS vol 1 and enjoyed it. I’ve also jumped back onto the comic bandwagon with the Ultimate Universe, the same way that I originally got back into comics. Ribic and Hickman’s Ultimate Comics ULTIMATES was strong, smart and firmly grounds what the Ultimate Universe can be, I think. I’m fascinated by both Ultimate Spider-Man and what’s going to happen with the Ultimate X-Men, and I’ll be buying Hawkeye primarily out of interest to see how Hickman keeps tying it together in the regular Ultimates book.

When my job is up, I’m spending a weekend reading and writing, intending to completely finish both Elephant Bucks and The Right Stuff in time.


I saw an early screening of WARRIOR last night and it was a strong outing. It struck a good balance between both fighters, Nolte fell away a lot in the end, and the first hour was a bit loaded with idolatry that they kept attaching to every surface they could, but the second hour more than made up for it. I’ve never consciously watched MMA fighting, but the fights had me on the edge of my seat. I got really into a few of them and was genuinely afraid of the Russian heavyweight.

Tom Hardy also does an excellent job at playing an animal that is just slowly losing control very, very subtly.

I finally watched the Late Late Night show with Craig Ferguson’s week in Paris, which I pvr’d from last month. Even though Ferguson’s jokes aren’t the best written or strongest nor does her really commit to bits, he is exceedingly charming and watching him does make you feel like you’re hanging out with him, or that you’re in on the joke. The show’s non-existent budget led to some choppy segments (Craig would interview anyone that would sit down at a fold-out table with him), but I enjoyed the travel bits, the Shakespeare and Co. chunks and did my best to figure out how they put the show together in… probably three days.

Kristen Bell is fun to watch as well. She came off like she was really just hanging out, like she wandered on and just came along to share taxi fare.

My favorite bits were the Michael Caine in Space (in Paris), that I assume he does on the show frequently. I’ve never seen it before, but it was great.

I also watched both Harold and Kumar movies for reasons I don’t want to get into right now.


A quick trip to La Belle Province killed my week, snuffed my deadlines and shamed me. Following my return, proximity to my job and increased responsibilities came at odd hours and burned up a lot of writing time that might as well have just been time spent watching stuff.

Collaboration on the EXPATS book is now underway. I now need to find a way to productively share editable resources online in a way that it can fit a layout. Then it’s all word count and plugging away for three months until we can get a first draft together.

The good news is that I don’t care how poorly written the first draft is or how badly it comes together, I just want to get it done so I can begin the long and arduous editing process to make it literate and legible.

I’ve learned only recently that since I always hate my first draft, the focus is always to get the architecture crammed in as tightly as possible, and then to move on to an additional draft where I can start making things better.


Anyway. Off to work this week. No updates for two weeks, might be. Don’t let anything interesting happen while I’m gone.

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