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Week 11

August 22, 2011

This week, new projects, good conversations and an obscene amount of media ingestion circulating my re-invigorated workspace.

I need to get out more and I WILL be doing so shortly. Fan Expo this week. Then a job for a week leading September… hopefully leading into more work afterwards. I could use it.


Scripts. Research. Re-reading all my previously written material for my properties packets and journals for the Travel book. Also I might have finally found some new vigor for the Expats book into the form of a collaboration. Optimistically, it could only ruin our friendship forever. ALAS, ART MUST GO ON or SOMETHING.

I can tell you I am reading Elephants Bucks in order to whom I have borrowed it from. The book is pretty much dead on for the script writing business (so far), and is written as if by an overexcited elderly man, replete with exclamation(!) points(!). Exactly the kind of book to give you the very basics of what you need, remind more advanced writers of these basics that you often forget because god dammit you want to be an artist, and just enough to give hope to semi-literates.

Also purchased and dug well into another book that I tell because I think there’s a series in it.

What else. Comics. Scripts. Staring hard at Don Quixote.


This week, I was a Viking. It was as though I spent the week cuddled beneath a blanket in a dark depression, shooing away all attention while claiming that all the girls I know don’t like me (truth). But see things I did.

HUBBLE IMAX 3D has schooled a tiny piece of the population in how to make 3D films – that is to say, to shoot for depth and majesty. And the space travel bits were absolutely majestic. Truly. It is not every day that you can drop a small sum of dollars and effectively look 13 billion light years away and see… anything.

ATTACK THE BLOCK was equally glorious the second time around.

THE IPCRESS FILES is the first film of the Harry Palmer quintet, wherein Michael Caine wears glasses and likes women and gets tortured. Comparing this to the Bond Films or any other spy franchise is comparing Bad Boys 2 to the Wire. Harry Palmer is a calm, collected and meticulous examination of a spy film that turns spy work into police work with much higher stakes.

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON is a good reminder that Pixar isn’t the only one making exceptional animated films these days.

From there, I finished the well overdue JUSTIFIED season 1, prepped season 2, got halfway through DOCTOR WHO series 5, got up to date on LOUIE, BREAKING BAD, The Daily Show and Colbert, JIMMY TWO SHOES, SIDEKICK, SPLICED and I’m working my way through the last season and a half of SAMURAI JACK.

SAMURAI JACK holds particular interest with me because it is non-serialized masterpiece of Samurai fiction. Every episode we have the wanderer Jack, attempting to meet his one goal against seemingly insurmountable odds, and from there, we have stories of every genre filtering through Tartakovsky’s beautiful minimalist artwork. Every samurai trope, every western stereotype, every science fiction creation ever – all being used to tell simple, pared down stories.

One of my favorites so far was the Archer story, where Jack must climb a tower guarded by three blind archers with uncanny accuracy. Truly a feat of modern animation.


I am somehow on top of my product inventory, getting all my properties in order for the end of the month. MAGIC is flowing well and is just being re-written to mince words and make story and characters sing more. I’ve also shifted the setting to Montreal – not to sellout and make the property more enticing to Canadians, but because I realized I can make a few relationships make more sense there, rather than the original Paris.

PLAYHOUSE is also a delight to toss around but BOY DETECTIVE is like pulling teeth in more ways than one. I’ve got to load up each with more characters and situations to make everything come together better.

CRIME is sitting there, staring at me, daring me to make a move and start putting names characters. I believe this will be my next pig of a script, but it can be done with the right model.

The New Project must remain top secret because it’s filthy how fast it came together and how well the pieces started snapping together. It’s an expensive one, likely a million in both dollars and likelihood of success – but a ballsy, true and interesting story that can be told there. The challenge will be to make a few seasons of possibility shine through.


Collaboration in two weeks on Book 2. Collaboration e-mail I should answer… not just busy work, just kind of putting together an idea loosely and figuring it out.

Geek Bingo is due Wednesday.


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