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Week 10

August 16, 2011

Meetings. Outside. The rain returned. An afternoon to catch up and to shove as many new TV shows into an old friend as I possibly could. The beginning of a new work schedule that still needs to be work-shopped to have another go round.


I completed From Hell, Joe the Barbarian and the Check-List Manifesto.

The Check-List Manifesto was an interesting read in that it lays out, not the steps, but a philosophical necessity for check-lists being used in medicine, aviation and architecture. The basic premise being that as good as you become, or as intuitive as you can be at your job, a check-list that that fulfills some simple requirements (1. simple to understand, 2. simple to fulfill, 3. short and to the point) can be not only complimentary, but improve the results of the simplest task.

For example, in medicine, it can reduce infection and complications from surgeries, in airlines (already used widely, the greatest contention between check-lists in the airline industry is in the case of mergers, which company’s check-list will override the other) it prevents accidents and safely organizes emergencies, and in architecture, it’s run through every staff member being able to contribute to the project in order to make sure a hundred floors of steel, glass and concrete won’t snap in half if it gets too windy.

So the application remains, at least for me, how to apply this to what I do. There is doubtlessly going to be resistance in applying it to the creative portion of the job, but on the production side it could be quite easily worked out.

I sent a loose thought bubble to a few people last night to see if they had any ideas or had seen anything quite like it before and what I got back was a pile of notes. JD took it upon himself to brick and mortar me on to how a travel show has requirements – host, locations, permissions, originality, etc, – to function. At every level, a check-list could be applied to make sure that you’re not going into any meeting with a half-cooked idea.

On the fiction side, it would be a revision thing. On paper verifying that each scene meets the requirements of 1. advancing the story, not just this scene to the next, 2. being dramatic and not just relaying information, 3. being interesting, 4. characters speaking in character… etc. etc.

I can already hear people groaning and telling me that they just “do that mentally automatically.”

So said the surgeon previous to an amputation accident.


I have started watching Carlos the Jackal. I also caught Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and will see Hubble in Imax 3D today. Pan’s Labyrinth again.

A lot of this week was spent on PVR watching Sidekick, Jimmy Two Shoes and Spliced. Why? They’re all Canadian, they’re all being picked up again (as far as I can see) and they’re all Canadian. I can get on them. And I have every intention of trying.

I might try to get on, as intern of visitor or whatever, on an animated show. I’d love to see what makes them tick.

I’ve been so enthralled by animation that I pulled out my Samurai Jack seasons 3 and 4 DVDs. I never finished the series, but I did love it so. And in turns of making a show that was renewable and refused to reject a story – this was one of the good ones.

I was joined on Wednesday by my friend Warren whom I haven’t seen in a while. The purpose of the hangout being to go and see a movie, but since I’d seen everything, it changed to “stay in and educate me.” So, in order, I show him the following things which he’s never seen before:

The Onion News Network 1×01
Eagleheart – 1×05 – Death Punch
Look Around You – 1×07 – Music
The Inbetweeners – 2×01
Parks and Recreation – 2×07 – Greg Pikitis
Louie – 2×03 + 2×04
Doctor Who – 5×01


Finished the first draft of Hotel and immediately started thinking of different locations, different ways to, not open up the story, but make it possible.

There’s also the book I’ll be publishing by the end of the year which I outlined a few posts back.

Trying to wrap an idea around space engines and the test pilot hey-day of the 60s and 70s. Should re-watch SPACE RACE mini, which was outstandingly good.

Eh. Back to work.


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