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Three Days On – Publishing – 08/13/2011

August 13, 2011

I will be publishing my first book this year through as an experiment. The experiment will be in testing out Lulu and breaking the back of a book for the first time.

The material will be recycled, polished and uninteresting to the world at large.

When I got back from Asshole International and had a few months before I started packing my bags for Korea, I uploaded my pictures and sent them, with descriptions, one by one, day by day, to my grandparents and extended family. The purpose being to involve them in what I had experienced in a digestible format.

(I tried showing pictures and talking in person but people kept falling asleep.)

I’m hoping for something like… picking numbers arbitrarily… 40,000 words, 250 pictures – at least 200 pages. All for, hopefully, less than 30 bucks a book. I will strive to include ticket stubs, brochures, receipts and additional material.

What’s most important is that I have the opportunity to experiment with new software and a new format. I get to see what a page can hold in this format and hopefully I’ll enjoy myself along the way.

Maybe it will be successful enough that I’ll consider releasing more independent material through both Lulu and Magcloud – because it’s fun and manageable, not because I’ve got an audience clamoring for material.

I couldn’t think of another way to get my hands dirty without being too ambitious and taking away from all the scripts I should be writing and all the scheming that I should be doing.

So, November, I think, it’ll have to be sorted to get it printed and shipped in time. Which means I’ve got a Halloween deadline.

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