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News from Nowhere – Proper Attire

August 11, 2011

They would never have caught the unabomber if he wore a suit and traded stocks in his spare time. If he went to clubs, wore a vintage behaved like a real American Psycho he would never have been caught.

Osama bin Laden would have had a significantly larger following if his production values weren’t at cave level. A studio, proper lighting and half decent audio – that would have been a more significant “Fuck you” to the West than a cave video. A cave is for hiding, and a VHS second hand camera with in-camera editing isn’t as scary as it could have been.

No one takes over the world wearing dated, or niche clothes. They go on talk shows wearing suits, clean and label free. They have pressed military uniforms. They have good lighting.

And a man in a suit can get away with a hell of a lot more than someone wearing slacks, or with a back pack full of bombs.

The labels don’t mean anything, the look does. The “Don’t Worry, I Belong Here” look can take you further than you deserve.

Know why the secret service and secret agents all wear suits? We are primed to believe in a suit. We are supposed to trust that someone clean cut, wearing a suit knows better than us.

When it comes to fiction, no one should ever stop and consider how far they can push a subject, or what’s right and wrong, they consider: “What can I get away with?” and “How exactly do I make someone believe that I can get away with it?”

The answer is always clean, organized and well dressed material.

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