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Week 8

August 1, 2011

Last week in every account could only be considered a Fuck. It was my second week at Murdoch Mysteries, where I was observing the writers. I had the pleasure of being on set both in-house and on location, watching people do their jobs and getting a feel for the room. On the other hand, shit blows up.

Which is why this weekend was wasted.



I finally understood LOUIE to be the uniquely, singular voice that it is and it only took me much too long to realize it. The sketches aren’t really sketches, the stand-up isn’t on the nose, not everything has to be funny. Some of it happens to be laugh-out loud funny and some of it real, sad and horrifyingly true.

I also managed to take in Life in a Day and Attack the Block. Life in a Day was a good experiment that offered some beautiful imagery, some chaotic stupidity and a unique way of looking at life on earth. It was also the first movie I’ve noticed that brought to me by Youtube, which tickles me in both good and bad ways.

Attack the Block was a goddamn revelation. I don’t even want to go into great details about it, but a British film hasn’t sent chills of joy down my spine since Shaun of the Dead. It’s a smart, well performed, well executed and stunningly well put together film. I loved every second of it and since it’s only playing in ONE theater in Toronto, I have the pleasure of telling everyone I know to get out to one place, ask quick as they can, without fail, lest they be forced to only see experience such joy in the comforts of their own home in cult status.

I also enjoyed a repeat viewing of Minority Report, which I haven’t watched in a few years. I watched it specifically for the design element – the touch screens, the kinetic gun, the annoying advertising – and not only does it still hold up nearly a decade later, but the design work has clearly heavily influenced our culture.

Watching Star Trek (2009) right now and remembering why I always liked Star Trek more than Star Wars. Where Star Wars is about faith and destiny, but Star Trek is about exploration. On top of that, there’s the unity of the human race, rewarding of hope and imagination and the constant exploration of the unknown. Diplomacy never quite registered as con, and the show certainly did linger on those points, but what was most important was the fact that they were pushing themselves to the edge just to see what was out there.

And I believe that the only thing that will unite the human race is space exploration.



The re-imagining of the e-book, an award show maybe, the creation of a corporation or two and the mapping of the English market. If I’m good, this can be a big week.







Has to be better than the last.

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