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Week 4

July 4, 2011


I had a profound realization about my hometown just a few nights ago as a man crashed his convertible into a tree across the street. My rich, affluent suburb hasn’t grown trees for vanity’s sake, but as a naturalist self-defensive mechanism for houses and infrastructure. Trees are where they are to intercept cars and projectiles and cut down on neighbors spying on other neighbors sunbathing. It’s a natural instinct for a community that built streets perfect for drag racing and seems to enjoy at least trying to crash into each others homes.

This is, after all, the third incident I am aware of in the last decade of people trying to crash into each others houses. Notably, in high school, an acquaintance of mine succeeded in winning a drag race by moving the finish line into someone’s living room.

Clearly, I’m at home too much. Which is what happens when your living duties revolve around writing and watching the dog. A sixty pound labradoodle named Ruby Berserko who gets depressed and lies her head in your lap until you look at her and she starts smiling, releasing a mouthful of drool onto you. I can’t keep walking you, hound. Stop looking at me like that.

I’m re-writing Charlemagne slowly. Should be going much faster than it is, but that’s my fault. I’ve already begun veering off schedule… I don’t quite remember why. I’m most interested in SEKRIT PROJECT of the week, but that might also be because it makes me really nervous. It’s not something I’ve done before and involves collaboration…. so I have to go out, hat in hand, to get something made. Good excuse not to script, fucker.

This last week was mostly filled by completing 30 Rock season 3, re-visiting Kubrick with A Clockwork Orange, trying to think of it as the “low-budget film” that it apparently is. As well, I cracked and purchased a cheap edition of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which I watched with the Trivia portion enabled, giving me a glimpse into the stunning amount of detail in that film.

I’ve been listening to the White Stripes, David Bowie and the White Stripes quite a lot, as well as trying to wring any amount of energy I can from the very good Sherlock Holmes OST, with the Dubliners – Rocky Road to Dublin front ending the album. Also, since leaving it on in the background, I’ve discovered that there is an additional song in the movie that is unused in the score and am calmly searching for it. It’s an orchestral song in one of the fight sequences… I’ll find it online eventually.

I’ve also read an early 2009 draft of the Sherlock Holmes script, and the Sherlock – The Blind Banker script. No books this week, but Elephant Bucks was flipped through. It’s a fun read, that one. Not just because a lot of the material is very practical but because it’s written very energetically, putting a positive “YOU CAN DO IT!” spin on everything.

Which is a tone that I’ve often tried to co-opt for projects, because it is a fun and malleable voice that always resonates well because it eliminates irony and cynicism (because it front ends them, I know, but you can move past that all that quickly.)

Happy Canada Day! If you don’t let anyone in, no one can ever hurt you!

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